IAI radar systems to an unnamed customer

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will supply air defence and traffic control radar systems to an unnamed customer under a new contract announced on 23 March. The radars will be used to provide dual-use civilian and military airspace control and protection.

The company will deliver two radars manufactured by its subsidiary ELTA Systems: the ELM-2288 AD-STAR Air Defense and Traffic Control Radar and the ELM-2106NG 3D Tactical Air Defense Radar. The radars are being configured to meet the customer's specific requirements and terrain topography.

The AD-STAR ELM-2288MR (medium range variant) is an advanced 3D solid-state long-range S-Band family of transportable radars designed to support air defence, early warning and traffic control activities. The system features fully digital beam-forming in elevation, providing high accuracy 3D data on detected targets at ranges exceeding 300km.

The EL/M 2106 NG is IAI-ELTA's fourth generation of 3D Tactical Air Defense Radars. The radar was designed to detect a wide variety of flying platforms, including low-level high-speed fighter aircraft, hovering helicopters, low velocity ultra-light aircraft and UAVs; and is capable of detecting targets at ranges up to 80km.
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