Vietnam Wishes to Buy French's Gowind Warship Rather than Sigma 9814

According French defense group DCNS of the country is touted capable corvettes Gowind class replacement submarine hunting for missile escort vessel class versatile Sigma 9814 that Vietnam Navy pause buy because the cause is said to be too high unit price. In addition, the Couach shipyard also offers Vietnam with high-speed patrol vessels recently sold to India, and the company CNIM Socarenam with 3 lander EDA-R, Piriou with patrol boats.

Remarkably, a few years ago Gowind corvette class Navy French Republic visited the port of Haiphong, Vietnam. This is the first visit to Vietnam Gowind class since it was put into use. At that time, there are suggestions that the French put Gowind visit is also offering this form of modern ships.

Gowind is a versatile class ships are designed with 3 different configurations including: frigates, missile boats and escort offshore patrol vessels. The ship is designed as should the switch module configuration tasks fairly easy to train.

The vessel has a length from 85-105m, recreational water quality ranged from 1000-2500 tons, equipped with a propulsion system combining diesel - gas turbines for a maximum speed of 25 knots/h, range 6.900km and economic speed 15 knots/h.

Gowind hydrodynamic design is quite unique with high stealth capability, ships superstructure pretty fancy with pyramidal structure, designed chamber commander somewhat triangular spearhead toward before, not flat like the ship design are assessed khac.Thiet likely scatter radar waves are high, which helps ships with stealth features Vietnamese advantages than other ships.
Characteristics of France's defense technology sensor systems, ultra-modern electronics. Naturally Gowin is no exception, the mast is designed inside pyramid radar equipped scouting SMART-S Mk2 3D with search range of up to 250km target with the ability to control up to 500 entries pepper. In particular, this radar is said to be able to detect stealth aircraft the B-2 or F-22.
In addition, guards rocket ship Gowind class equipped combat management system SETIS with advanced automation capabilities enable effective response to different types of targets.
Extreme close-up cockpit equipped with dense iron-definition color screen, display specifications of the vessel Maritime Gowind while visiting Haiphong.
Guardians Gowind vessels capable of strongly anti-submarine equipped with sonar underbody Kingklip system, sonar systems measure every Captass depth.

Regarding weapons, designed custom Gowind variety comfortably equipped for customers to choose. However, both the 1000 and 2500 configure basic Gowind will share anti-ship missiles and anti-aircraft missiles, and the other only in terms of quantity. Accordingly, the main anti-ship weapons would be MM40 Exocet cruise missiles hit a range of 180km Block 3, which combines inertial navigation and active radar. Missiles carrying warheads weighing 165kg explosives powerful enough to sink ships with tonnage up to 5,000 tons.

About rooms, Gowind class escort vessel equipped with systems equipped with VLS launcher Sylver vertical launch tubes use 16 missiles MBDA VL-MICA air defense range of 12km. The missile is guided by active radar or infrared with good anti-jamming capability

Aft deck with hangars for helicopters weighing 5 tons, this deck is capable of receiving helicopters with load of about 10 tonnes. Gowind have the support system to allow unmanned helicopter works well.
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