Thailand Mulls Deals to Buy Russian T-90 Tanks

Thailand is interested in buying T-90MS or T-90S main battle tanks from Russia.

Thai delegation visited the Uralvagonzavod, and seems to do an assessment of the type of T-90 MBT, because the latest T-14 MBT Armata not be exported in the near future.

By visiting Uralvagonzavod, the Army has information as a guide in determining which one will be selected MBT after the supply of Ukrainian Oplot MBT stalled.

As is known, Oplot tank originally projected to strengthen two cavalry battalion to replace the aging M48A5 tank.

The T-90 is a Russian third-generation main battle tank that is essentially a modernisation of the T-72B, incorporating many features of the T-80U (it was originally to be called the T-72BU, later renamed to T-90).

T-90MS – New modernised (M) version of the export tank T-90S, with a 1130HP engine, a PNM Sosna-U gunner view, a 7.62 mm turret UDP T05BV-1 RWS, GLONASS, inertial navigation systems and new explosive reactive armour (ERA). A new removable turret bustle is included, which provides storage for eight additional rounds. T-90MS is ready for serial production


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