BMP-3 and automatic canon 57 mm AU-220M for UAE?

At REA-2015 Nizhny Tagil expo will be a new version of the BMP-3 armored vehicle sporting a AU-220M 57 mm gun combat module.

Originally designed for use on small ships, the AU-220M 57 mm automatic gun was later adapted for land use. The result – a truly magic gun, which is bound to be the biggest attraction grabber at this year’s Russian Arms Expo in Nizhny Tagil.

With a rate of fire of 300 rounds per minute and a horizontal range of 16 kilometers this gun is an ideal weapon against all types of aircraft and armored vehicles, including tanks.

Well, a 57 mm projectile will hardly cut through the 1 meter-thick front armor of an Abrams or Leopard tank, but a hail of high-explosive projectiles will surely wipe out optics, aerials, smash caterpillar tracks and jam the turret.

In addition to its high rate of fire, the heavy 57 mm gun module which boats an uninhabited turret, active protection and an excellent Russian-designed fire control system, performs easy 180 degree turns while ensuring highly accurate fire.
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