Su-22UM3K Vietnam’s fighter supposedly been sent to Ukraine to carry out repairs and upgrading.
Information on new military air Informant Military-page guide to sources (Ukraine) said.
Fighter Su-22M3K 8556 numbers are thought of Vietnam People’s Air Force is in Ukraine’s Zaporozhye.
The source did not disclose how many Su-22M3K of Vietnam were sent to Ukraine for repairs. Only know through the images on disclosed, at least 2 Su-22M3K.
Su-22UM3K are two seats fighters bomber that can be used for part-time as combat trainer.
Along with Su-22M3K number 8556 is a Su-22M3K bearing number 8551.
According to the Military-Informant, most likely these images taken since 2007 but only now revealed.
Su-22M3K and fighter Su-22M4 bombing of Vietnam is also rumored that could have been upgraded in Ukraine.
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