Russian Air Force to Purchase 30 MiG-35 Jet Fighters After 2018

Russian Air Force will have more than 30 MiG-35 jets after 2018, according to the military source.

The Russian Defense Ministry plans to sign a contract for the purchase of more than 30 MiG-35 (Fulcrum-F) multirole jet fighters no earlier than 2018, Air and Space Forces Commander Col.-Gen. Viktor Bondarev said Wednesday.

The MiG-35 is an advanced version of the Mig-29 aircraft and features the integration of 4++ generation Russian fighter aircraft technology.

“The MiG-35 is being created in the test construction work on orders by the Russian Defense Ministry with a deadline of 2017. After completing state trials, the MiG-35 will enter service with a future financing for the purchase of more than 30 units. A contract for the purchase of the MiG-35C is planned to be signed starting from 2018,” Col.-Gen. Bondarev told journalists.

The further development of MiG-35 jet fighters will be considered 'fifth generation,' according to the head of the MiG corporation, Sergei Korotkov.

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