Russia’s Answer to NATO: Robotic Cannon and Smart Anti-Torpedo

A state-of-the-art artillery system and anti-torpedo complex are being added to Russia’s naval arsenal, media reports said Friday.
A-192 Cannon test fire

Both systems can be found on the four naval corvettes now guarding Russia’s maritime border with six more such ships now under construction, Zvezda TV reported.

“The Project 20380 corvettes carry an A-192 cannon and a one-of-a-kind anti-torpedo system,” Navy Commander Admiral Viktor Chirkov said.

The А-192 is a spinoff of the AK-130 gun and uses the same munitions. Its new fiber-electronic module detects targets up to 60 km away, while the onboard computer can simultaneously track four targets.
The F-192-5P-10E 130mm artillery complex can be installed on just about any type of ship and is used against aerial, ground and naval targets, including anti-ship cruise missiles.

It fires its shells up to 30 times per minute 18 to 23 kilometers away depending on the target.

The Paket E/NK long-range antitorpedo unit — the only such system around — can destroy enemy submarines miles away and if the enemy shoots first, the system’s 320 mm torpedoes can  destroy the oncoming “fish” 1,400 meters from the ship.

Its M-15 antitorpedo boasts an underwater speed of up to 50 kilometers an hour.

Its movement is initially controlled by an onboard inertial system, which later shuts off and an acoustic active-passive self-homing system kicks in.

The anti-torpedo’s warhead, packed with high strength blasting explosive of 80 kg of TNT, is equipped with a proximity detonator and is capable of destroying enemy torpedoes at various depths.

At the depth of 800 meters the M-15 can knock out an oncoming torpedo as close as 100 meters away.

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