Russia Offers Mi-8/17 Upgrade Package for Vietnam with Electronic Jamming

Russia is hoping to be involved in upgrading Mi-8/17 helicopters in Southeast Asia by electronic jamming systems new.

In the framework of the DSA 2014 defense exhibition last, Science and Research Institute of Radio Technology (KNIRTI) named Russia's Kaluga has introduced a system of electronic warfare (EW) L187AE with new hopes orders to upgrade and improve electronic warfare capabilities for the Mi-8/17 helicopters are operating in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam.

According to information revealed Kaluga, L187AE jamming system is a completely new, can be easily installed into the side of the line helicopter Mil Mi-8 and Mi-17, which provides the ability to protect and disable the radar-guided missiles of the enemy.

Like jamming modules Mi-17GPE ago, L187AE be KNIRTI use jamming technology is traditional memory frequency of radio signals (DRFM) and use the active electronically scanned array (AESA) , but is more processor combines modern digital signal.

AESA technology that Russia has developed and refined for a number of applications, including radar equipment for the fighter, has become an important component in the design of electronic warfare systems by them for allow the government to create a vast electronic protection while reducing the weight of the system by the smaller antenna, lighter and without mechanical scanning system that only needs to be hung on the plane and work as a jamming platform.

For helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-series-17, when mounted jamming system L187AE coverage will create a vast electronic space, jamming and creating information and false signals as integrated radar missiles on enemy bullets could not correctly identify the target, the missile will fly helicopters were diverted and safety.

With new L187AE jamming systems, KNIRTI're hoping to create a solution for logical and efficient operation of the water is increased Mi-8/17 stream in Southeast Asia. In particular, the Vietnam People's Air Force and is active with a number of not less helicopter line. Therefore, the review system equipped with a new jamming as L187AE get ready for the fight complex missions in the future will be a reasonable solution.
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