Ukraina signed contract supply of BTR-4 for Indonesian Navy

DHZP "Spetztehnoexport" Signed Contract for the Supply of BTR-4 for Indonesian Navy

In late February 2014 in Jakarta, negotiations took place between the leaders of DHZP "Spetstehnoeksport" and the Ministry of Defense and the Navy Marine Corps Indonesia. During the meeting discussed the essential terms of the contract for the supply of 5 units BTR-4. Recall "Spetstehnoeksport" won the tender for the purchase of armored vehicles for the Navy of Indonesia's proposal BTR-4 of SE 'KMDB' them AA "Morozov"

The project contract was initialed by both parties. Currently, the process of harmonization of its national structures of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia. It is expected that this contract will be transferred to the Ukrainian side.

It should be noted that this contract is the first step in the program purchase armored vehicles Indonesian Navy. If its successful implementation of an agreement for the supply of 50 such machines.

It is also worth noting that a victory in this project was obtained in hard competition with Russian special exporters.

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