Russia launches Yak-152 trainer tender

Russia has launched a tender for the completion of the development of the Yakolev Yak-152 basic turboprop trainer aircraft, Rosoboronpostavka announced on 19 March.

The tender, with an assigned value of RUB300 million (USD8.32 million), is intended to complete the design documentation for the aircraft and lead to the production of four prototype aircraft. According to Rosoboronpostavka's statement, Irkut Corporation has estimated that the cost of the work is likely to be RUB318.7 million.

Irkut's Yakolev design bureau has been working on the Yak-152 design (in partnership with China's Hongdu Aviation Industry Group - HAIC) since at least 2004. HAIC is understood to have built six prototypes of its version of the design, called L-7, with the first making its public debut at the Zhuhai air show in November 2010, although no maiden flight of the Yak-152/L-7 design has been confirmed.
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